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Government Of Assam Science, Technology and Climate Change Guwahati Planetarium


About Virtual Reality Zone

The Virtual Reality (VR) zone is located inside the premises of Guwahati Planetarium. It enables visitors to experience various planets and entire solar system through an immersive and engaging virtual experience.The VR zone is divided into 2 (two) different zones based on VR techonology it adopts. The zone A uses Oculus Go technology to provide immersive VR experience where asthe zone B uses Oculus quest technology. The Zone A caters to 7 (seven) visitors at one go whereas the zone B caters to 5 (five) visitors at once. The VR Zone will have 15-minutes duration experience for each visitor.

 Tickets for VR Zone are issued to the visitors 15 (fifteen) minutes prior to the Show Timings. The price for the Zone A Ticket is Rs.30/- (Rupees Thirty) only and for Zone B is Rs.50/- (Rupees Fifty).  You need to contact ticket counter.

The VR Zone was designed by Embeded Interaction Lab (EI Lab), Department of Design, IIT Guwahati.


About The Astronomy Gallery

The gallery 'Astronomy Through Ages' unfolds the story of how our understanding of the universe has evolved through history of how the sedate and stable star field  of ancient times has been replaced by the vast and explosive unverse we know today.

The exhibition gallery is an attempt to potray the progress of Astronomy and the corresponding progress of of the human civilisation through ages.The progress of the scientific world and the clash between the rational world of science and the prevalent regious beliefs of the society has been depicted thorugh its exhibits,artifacts and write-ups.The exhibition will definitely act as a tool to develop scientific temperament among common people about astronomy and also expected to built a path to be tranversed by future generation of scientists and astronauts.

This Astronomy Gallery has been designed and developed by Creative Museum Designers(CMD), Kolkata

The Astronomy Gallery is free for all the viewers and can be viewed with the show ticket.