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Government Of Assam Science, Technology and Climate Change Guwahati Planetarium

What We Do

  • Vision

    Planetarium is a unique institution that stimulates curiosity and a sense of wonder and joy in the minds of common men and especially in the minds of children, which is a prerequisite of creativity and zeal to progress. Guwahati Planetarium has already been declared as an institution of higher education &scientific institution for advancement and Development of science, Technology and Research.


    An aesthetically beautiful Planetarium projection system saw the light of day on 17 August,1994.It has been undertaken the task to present to people of all groups the idea of the immensity, themajesty, thediversity, the order and the worder to the universe. It is a hallof theatre of te countless stars and myriad other heavenly objects, a place for minds to soar far above the traffic of every day life. The Newly installed state-of-the-art GOTO Japan’s Hybrid Planetarium Projection System, not only creates a realistic sky, but also millions of realistic stars and all-dome colourful, Dynamic images are generated through powerful Digital Video system.Besides,the planetarium has already high quality telescopes around which groups of student and astronomers are encourage in sky watching.


    Prime Objective of Guwahati Planetarium is to promote scientific knowledge and to inculcate scientic temper amongst the masses. Student and Astronomers are encouraged in sky watching and also to motivate undertaking research activities.