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Government Of Assam Science and Technology Guwahati Planetarium

About the Show Themes

There are three different kinds of Show themes

  • Cosmic Collision: It is about few of the significant astronomical/cosmological events starting from the Birth of our Universe to the Birth of our Moon, from the Colliding Galaxies to the Colliding icy chunks of rocks & dust in the Saturn’s Ring, the collision of an asteroid to our earth & the extinction of the great dinosaurs etc.
  • Journey to the Stars: It is about the various aspects of the life of a star with the insights starting from the Birth of a Star to the various stages of its life cycle & finally the Death of the star, from the various kinds of stars with different sizes &colours to the possibilities of space travel to reach those stars.
  • Are we Alone? Search for Life !: It is about the possibilities of existence of life beyond earth, showing a wide variety of different kinds of environment on Earth where different forms of life is being nourished, and the wide variety of environment we have discovered in space in the planets of our solar system and beyond, and the possibilities of life on those.